The product that the artist markets via Radicalwalls.comis his/her own workon latest generation digital print wallpaper, printed directly on a support endowed with a great technical qualityand easy to apply. It is a washable product and is highly light resistant, environmentally friendlyas it is 100% recyclable and our suppliers comply with the "FSC, WELL MANAGED FOREST" standard, PVC-free. It is a productcertified as fireproofin accordance with European standard "BS1,D0".

Essentially, we are committed to the highest quality on the market whilst remaining totally environmentally friendly.



After placing the order, and selecting this option, our account number will be visible. Please transfer the total amount to our account,indicating the order number. When we have confirmed payment, we will send the product.


Radicalwalls.com incorporates apayment gatewayto facilitate payment by credit card. We accept VISA and Mastercard. Our store supports 3D Secure. This type of payment will ensure immediate receipt and the order may be processed more quickly. If you need to receive the orderas quickly as possible, optfor this payment method.


Radicalwalls.comallows easy payments by PayPal online. To do so you will need a PayPal account. Thanks to the immediate receipt, the order may be processed more quickly.If you need to receive the order as quickly as possible, opt for this payment method.


The urgent transport company UPS is our partner and their solvencyand experiencein parcel delivery ensures us a perfectdelivery and tracking procedure. We have set up a weekly production cycle in order to guaranteedelivery commitments to the end customer. As well as resistant packaging, the mural label contains all its information. Shipping costs are FREE and are paid by Radicallwalls.com We send to virtually all international destinations. If you have any queries about a possible destination, please feel free to get in touch with us: clients@radicalwalls.com The prices do not include import taxesfor countries outside the EU and the buyer will have toassume them, where applicable. Radicalwalls.comdoes not pay customs’ duties nor any other taxes and it cannot predict what they will be.


As a consumer you may return the product provided that no you have not taken it out of its wrappingwithin 14 days after receiving it.With this in mind:

  1. Send us an e-mail to pedidos@radicalwalls.comand state your order number.
  2. You will receive an e-mailwith a returns’ formwhich you must fill in. With this in mind, print it, fill it in and attach it to the returned item.
  3. You may easily return items in the form of a parcel with any transport company (with proof of transport/ shipment tracker).
  4. Our address is: ZOOM VISUAL S.L. La vereda S/N, 46930 Quart de Poblet, España (+34 961 525 330)
  5. After we have received and examined the product, we will refund theattendant amount to yourbank account, credit card or PayPal account.

In the event of receiptin poor condition orwith any type of deterioration, follow the same procedure as for returnsand we will send the product back to youat no extra cost.



Step 1
  • Take the time to orientate
  • Unpackage and unroll the wallpaper on a flat clean surface
  • Pay attention to each panel number on top of every panel, this must follow in sequence (panel 1,2,3,4 ect..)

Prepare the wall surface

  • Your wall must be completely flat, clean and dry. Levels rough surfaces, rough, holes and uneven spots.
  • Your wall should be a uniform color. If not, you may notice differences in color on your wall once installed. If your wall has multiple colors, we recommend that you paint again.
  • Make a vertical line with a plumb line on the left edge of the area you want to cover with the mural. If you have a plumb, one can make your own by tying a heavy object on the end of a rope. This line is very important because it is the guide to start placing your mural.
Step 2

Attach the paper to the wall

Step 3
  • Applying glue on the wall evenly using a brush or a paint roller. Start distributing from the line you marked as a guide to the plummet. Don’t paste the entire wall, do it only in the area that will cover the first panel on the left, leaving a few inches outside the right.
  • Apply the first panel of the mural on the wall starting at the top left. Check that is aligned with the guide.
  • Press against the paper with a dry roller or sponge to remove any air bubbles.
  • Place the following panels in the same way in numerical order. The panels must not be mounted on each other but are set on edge.


  • Clean the excess glue with a damp sponge.
  • With the help of a ruler and a cutter, adjust the sides and the top and bottom of the wall if necessary.
  • Let the wall dry for 24 hours; you will get a perfect final result
Step 4


Who are we? 

Radicalwalls.com is a trademarkwhich belongs to the Company Zoom Visual s.l. located in Valencia and created in July 2014, holding CIF (corporation tax no.) B98649817. Its main business is the management of an online platformfor the commercialisation ofdigital print wallpapermurals based on designs or interventions by internationally renowned street artists.

What should I bear in mind before installing the product? 

Please read the information sheetwhich we attach to the product packaging as well as watching the product installation video. If you still have any queries, please get in touch with our customer care department and we will provide you with personal advice.

I don’t like the product I received. Can I return it?

As a consumer you can make use of your right to cancel stipulated in our RETURNS section. If you are unsure before placing your order, please get in touch with our customer care department to clear up any queries.

My order has "Cancelled" status

Your order was cancelled because there were payment processing problems. Please just place the order again. Cancelled orders will not be processed.

Credit card payment does not work (VISA, Mastercard)

Please make sure that your credit cardsupports the method called "3D Secure" ("Verified by Visa" and "SecureCode"). Where necessary, please get in touch withthe card issuer.

What should I do if the parcel is damaged when it arrives?

All our parcels are insured against transport damages. In the event that the parcel arrives in damaged condition, ask the transport company to record thisso we can trackit where necessary. In the event that the wallpaper is damaged too, please get in touch withus and send us photos of the parcel and of the damaged wallpaper. We will sort everything out with the transport company and we will re-sendyou the productat no charge.

Which transport companyis used?

We will send your order via UPS.

We are at your disposal to provide you with further informationshould you have any queries!

Your Radicalwalls’ team